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CategoryOne er en norsk nettbutikk for sykkelklær for deg som ikke bare liker å sykle raskt, men som også bryr seg om hvordan du ser ut på sykkelen. Kolleksjonen vår består av to australske (Pedal Mafia og The Pedla), men vi kontinuerlig være på jakt etter brands som skiller seg ut fra de du finner hos de store sportskjedene.  

Våre brands

Born out of a need to be different, Pedal Mafia brings eye-catching, fashionable products to the cycling world.

Whether you're looking for a unique kit, just want to buy some great urban wear, need help sock doping, or just want to join the family - we've got you covered.

We love cycling, and we're all about getting people involved - whether you're looking for a casual gentleman's ride, or a fast-paced Sunday roll, we'll be riding your streets.


We are a cycling brand born of the sport’s rich culture riding the roads of Melbourne.

We craft modern roadwear with equal consideration for performance & style. Everything we create is designed to inspire riders to get out there and keep pedalling.



The Pedla Nov 24, 2015
Pedla has managed to stand out time and time again as a kit company, with every season they grow as a brand and I’m always psyched to see their latest range. They use good fabrics and really pay a lot of attention to detail – be it in fit, technology, texture or functional and aesthetic design choice. Read more... 
The Pedla Dec 23, 2014
It is unique to see a smaller boutique brand such as The Pedla prototyping cutting-edge fabrics similar to those the bigger brands are testing. Read on... 
Pedal Mafia June 14, 2015

Based in Perth, Pedal Mafia is making an offer you can’t refuse – high quality boutique kit, at a price that won’t have Fat Tony breaking down your door asking: “Where’s the money?”. See more..